The Bridge to the Financial Future

A platform that helps to facilitate crypto lending opportunities to banks, credit unions, and FIs without direct exposure to volatile crypto assets

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What we do

Promoting Financial inclusivity

Sencha is building the most intuitive way for Traditional financial institutions to access the power of Crypto and augment their providings to their customers.

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Sencha is the first fiat to digital asset platform to provide ready-to-use, high-yield solutions to community banks and credit unions through white-labeled means.
We are enabling organizations to earn a yield on their idle cash, but also provide this opportunity for their members in a simple, safe, and secure manner.
No Technical expertise is needed in order to interact with Sencha. We do the hard work!
Eventually, we will allow organizations to offer borrowing against crypto, interaction with DeFi protocols, crypto rewards cards, and more.
What we offer

Our Products

Institutional Treasury

Treasury bond rates and CDs have been historically low. Sencha makes it easy for institutions to create a treasury account where they can take their idle cash and we can get them the higher rates they deserve. We give you access to your funds whenever you want.

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Crypto Trading

Sencha offers an API to streamline the process of crypto trading for members of financial institutions. Users can now buy/sell/ and hold different digital assets and become immersed in a new ecosystem.

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High yield savings account

Bank rates have been staggeringly low, Sencha creates a platform that your members will love. An API, so that your members and customers can get higher rates on their savings. There are no hidden fees or minimums.

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Our Mission

We are building the Financial Bridge

Sencha is building the bridge between the traditional financial world and the digital asset world. We are  connecting institutions to high-yield earning products and plans to implement other digital asset use cases. Sencha was built out of the frustration of seeing marginalized communities and individuals being denied the same financial opportunities as everyone else. We believe no one should be denied the opportunity to reach new financial heights. We are hard at work trying to build a financial solution to help superpower every legacy bank to remain competitive during these tumultuous times so that they can provide these offerings to their customers.