Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Sencha?

Sencha is a simple API that makes it easy for community banks and credit unions to embed crypto solutions into their native app so that they can remain competitive.

How are accounts secured?

Sencha accounts are encrypted using AES-256 standard. We are working with a trusted third-party custodian to help secure the funds and transactions, and also insure users’ funds.

How do you generate yield?

Sencha sources stablecoins to institutional borrowers, which include KYC verified hedge funds, and desks, among other institutions. Yields are based on market dynamics so are subject to vary.

What are the risks?

Crypto is a speculative asset with the risk of lending out assets with possible defaults, but there have yet to be any defaults and we balance that out with deploying into overcollateralized loans as well.

Are accounts FDIC insured?

Since the funds are deployed into stablecoins, they are not FDIC insured. Nevertheless utilizes reserve-backed stablecoins, insured lenders, and transparent, and over collateralized pools for yield.